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100% grass fed and pasture raised meat gives you a wealth of health benefits. First of all, you avoid the synthetic hormones, antibiotics, residues and questionable additives found in conventionally raised animals. But just as important, you get these added nutritional advantages from raising animals on fresh pasture:
  • Less fat
  • Fewer calories
  • More Omega-3 essential fatty acids (reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer*)
  • More natural CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) (builds muscles, burns fat)
  • More beta-carotene (vatimin linked with lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer*)
  • Lower risk of E.coli bacteria (less acid digestive tract in grass fed ruminants avoids developing acid-resistant bacteria*)

*WHY GRASS FED IS BEST!, Jo Robinson, Vashon Island Press

Why eat chicken and pork raised on organic pastures if they are eating (Genetically Modified Organisms) GMO grains grown with herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic chemical fertilizers?

  • GMO Crops have led to a massive increase in pesticide use. Government studies show a 15-fold increase in the use of the herbicide RoundUp (glyphosate) in the U.S. since the introduction of GMO crops.
  • GMO crops do not yield more than other crops. Even the US Department of Agriculture admits that no GM crop on the market has been modified to increase yields, just tolerate more chemicals.
  • GMO Crops and the resultant increased use of toxic herbicides have resulted in the creation of hard-to-kill "superweeds" demanding more quantity and even more toxic herbicides.
  • GMO grains in animal feed can only be avoided by feeding organic grains. As of 2006, over ninety percent of the soybeans and over seventy five percent of the corn grown in the U.S. is GMO, and the percentages continue to increase each year. Soy and corn are the two main ingredients of chicken and pork feed used by most pastured chicken and pork producers.

Rehoboth Ranch uses source verified non-GMO grains for our pastured chicken, turkey, and pork. Each batch of corn and soybeans are tested to verify that they are not contaminated with GMO grains. The non-GMO grain is milled into our various recipes for poultry and pork feed at a feed mill in north Texas.. Non-GMO feed costs more, but isn’t your family and health worth it to avoid GMO grains?