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Hutchins Family 
Robert and Nancy Hutchins and Family (2014)

Our family raises beef, lamb, chicken, pork, eggs and Grade A Raw Goat Milk (Rehoboth Ranch Raw Goat Milk Dairy is now operated by Hutchins son Mark and his wife Hillary as Clementine’s Dairy LLC) on forages from pastures untainted by pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers. We do NOT give our animals synthetic hormone and steroid drugs that others use to make them grow unnaturally fast. Our animals eat only their natural diet in their natural environment their entire lives. Cattle and sheep eat ONLY high quality, clean grasses and clovers – NEVER GRAIN. Our chickens and pigs live on organically managed pastures, but they also receive a custom mixed ration consisting of source verified NON-GMO GRAINS plus certified organic vitamins and minerals.

Our entire family has been involved over the past 30+ years in raising meat this natural way. Our family currently has four children living at home on the ranch. Six have married and established their own families. Four live in the northeast Texas area, one in Odessa TX, one in Missouri, one in Nebraska, and one in California. We are currently blessed with eight grandchildren. Each of our family members at home, regardless of age, was raised to have farm responsibilities. All are happy to serve others by making optimally nutritious meat available to individuals and families. All of our children have been or are being home schooled. Farming is an important part of our character training program and a wonderful lifestyle. Robert’s background is U.S. Navy (Academy class of 1975 plus 5 years commissioned service) and 20 years in the defense industry before making the break to ranching full time in 2000. Nancy’s college training was in teaching and homemaking. We have been married since June, 1975. We are very thankful to the Lord to be able to live and work at Rehoboth Ranch.

We would like to meet you and put you on our list of friends to receive our e-newsletter. We would also like you to be a fan of our Rehoboth Ranch business Facebook page. We are open for on-farm sales on Monday and Saturday year round. If we don’t know you are coming you might catch us out in the pastures caring for the animals. Please place your order using our on-line ordering system linked on our home page. Let us know in the NOTES section the approximate time you expect to pick up your order so we can be available to serve you.
Web site: www.rehobothranch.com
Phone: (903) 450-8145

For DAIRY CUSTOMERS, you may pick up meat with your raw goat milk order Monday through Saturday. Just let us know in the NOTES section of your online order what day and approximate time you will be picking up your milk order, and we will have your meat order ready for pick up at the same time.

If you would like a FREE informal tour of the ranch, we do that for customers the first Wednesday of every month. Please email or call for a reservation so we can keep the groups from getting too large. To make a reservation for a free customer tour on the first Wednesday of a particular month, just mail in a check for $20 to Rehoboth Ranch, 2238 County Road 1081, Greenville, TX 75401. When you arrive on time for your tour, your check will be returned to you. If you are a “no show”, we get to keep the check. The tours involve a moderate amount of walking unless you bring a vehicle, such as a truck or SUV, that you can drive on the pasture dirt roads.

We also sell our products at the Coppell Farmers’ Market in Coppell, TX, near DFW airport. See their website for more info about the market and directions. coppellfarmersmarket.org

We gladly accept pre-orders for the farmers’ market. The process is simple. Just go to our web site home page www.rehobothranch.com. Look for the Pre-Order On-Line button, and click on it. From there a simple customer registration process is required ONE TIME, and you are registered for all subsequent orders. If a product is out of stock, you may click on the “Notify Me” button to be automatically emailed when that specific product is listed as in stock again. An email will be sent to the email address you registered when your order is received marking your order as PENDING status. When your order is pulled from the freezers and put on the market trailer, you will be sent another email marking your order as CONFIRMED. You come down to the market on the date agreed to, pick up your items, and pay your pre-printed invoice.

Rehoboth Ranch was the first producer to begin selling grassfed meats at the Coppell market. This is a seasonal market that typically runs from early April through mid-November. Winter market days are available in December, January, February, and March. Winter market days are the second and fourth Saturday of January, February and March. Hours of operation are 8 am – 12 noon. We welcome pre-orders to guarantee availability of products and speed up your shopping experience. Coppell also has a wide selection of organic and conventional produce, as well as plants, honey, and other items for purchase. Winter market days may be found on our website home page calendar and on the Coppell Farmers Market web site.